Memorial evening dedicated to Vasily Alexandrovich Pashkov

On January 21st, an educational memorial evening dedicated to Vasily Alexandrovich Pashkov, one of the leaders of Saint-Petersburg evangelical movement of the late XIX century, was organized by the project "Russian Search of God".

The event was organized as a part of the IX International Festival of Evangelical Culture "Epiphany Evenings", which is traditionally held at that time during the week in historic churches of St.Petersburg.

Since 2005, the International Festival of Evangelical Culture "Epiphany Evenings" revives the good old traditions and renews historic sacred music concerts, which has been taking place in the capital of the Russian Empire since the time of Peter I until 1920, annually attracting a large number of St.Petersburg citizens and guests.

Colonel Pashkov memorial evening was held in the building of the Church of Sweden.

The event was opened by Mariinsky Theatre soloist and solo violin performance. Ensemble of Ukrainian bandura players "Silver Bells" were special guests of the evening

Throughout the evening, actors from St. Petersburg theatres were reciting pieces from archival documents, memoirs and letters of eyewitnesses of the "Spiritual Revival" which took place in St. Petersburg in late XIX century. All this created a unique atmosphere of the evening, which culminated with a Lord’s Prayer.

Educational project "Russian Search of God" would like to thank the organizers of the Festival "Epiphany Evenings" for the opportunity to carry out the educational program as well as the volunteers, members of the Church of St. Peter the Apostle, who took part in organization of the evening.