Educational & outreach project "Russian Search of God" presents short documentary "Isaev"

The film features the history of an ordinary man. His ancestors performed feats during the civil war and were victims of repression. He lives during peacetime and finds a place for heroic deeds in his daily life.

Veniamin Nikolaevich Isaev is a missionary, prison minister and the grandson of the legendary Peter Isaev, "Petka", aide-de-camp to Red Army commander Vasily Chapaev.

"When people ask me about my grandfather Petr Isaev, I always say, it does not matter whose grandson I am, who is my father - that is what matters. I was born and raised in an ideal Christian family, but did not went immediately on the way that had been known to me since childhood. The turning point in my life came at the age of 37. God said to me, 'If you don't repent - you will die." And I considered this seriously," - says Veniamin.

Being the author of books about harsh human destiny "A Man Without a Homeland" and "Thief -in-law Named "Moskva", he has been visiting prisons and colonies for more than 20 years. Among the institutions visited by pastor Isayev - the so-called "Vologodsky Pyatak", one of the five maximum security penal colonies for life prisoners in Russia.

"Isaev" documentary is of interest to all those who need to hear the living voice of the history.

The film is subtitled in Russian and English.

Links to download and view the film are available on the official website of the project "Russian Search of God"