Khachkar - the Tree of Life

"Khachkar - the Tree of Life" is a non-fiction short film about the life of the Armenian highlands. It was filmed in a mountain village at an altitude of 1,200 m in the area of ​​Lori. Strikingly beautiful mountains, meadows and canyons accompany everyday life of the village, located in the area inhabited since the ancient times, which is evidenced by extant ancient tombstones and ruins.

This land can not be conceived except through the prism of its long history. Ancient Armenian poetry and ancient Armenian music sounds in the film, permeating the entire existence of the villagers, as reflected in their faces, in their everyday life...

The film features a story about a girl, born and raised high in the mountains. Once she left her usual way of life, and went to study in the city, where she married and had a baby. But her husband left her and she returned to her native village. As if trying to recover nearly lost connection with her past, she guards the ruins of an ancient Christian church, located at the land of her family. Now her relatives and neighbors start coming to once ruined and abandoned temple, and life is coming with them.

At the same time the story of her neighbor unfolds – he is an artist, who first took a brush 20 years ago and since then has been painting pictures that are filling his imagination. Having drawn a girl once, he fell in love with her image and does not want to finish this picture. We also see neighbors of the girl, who are living based on the principles that have been formed over the centuries, creating a unique and harmonious world – a living space of the film characters.

The film "Khachkar - the Tree of Life" is dedicated to the importance of preserving the traditions, culture and faith. It stresses the value of personality and originality, opposed by faceless globalization which invades people’s private life. It draws the viewer to the importance of preserving the forefathers’ faith, their moral and ethical values ​​that can maintain the delicate balance of life both of a single person, and human civilization as a whole.