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Дорогие друзья!

Нам снова выпала честь выступить принимающей стороной для гостей нашего города. Мы были рады принять группу из Белоруссии, на этот раз это был сводный хор "Юность Иисусу" г. Брест в составе 50 человек, отметивший таким образом своё 20-летие.

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«Golden Autumn in Mon Repos – 2014»

On September 13, 2014, the education and outreach project «Russian Search of God» organized an annual event – a cultural and educational trip to the «Mon Repos Park».

Year by year the project «Russian Search of God» attracts attention of an increasing number of participants to the little-known history of Christianity in Russia. This event has been held for three years already. About 500 people has visited the Park during this time.

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White Nights in Mon Repos - 2013

On June 29, 2013 a cultural and educational trip to the State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve "Mon Repos" (Vyborg) was held.

This is the second trip organized by the "Russian Search of God" project, with informational support of the St.Petersburg Christian University. More than 150 people were able to get acquainted with the little-known history of the Mon Repos Park and Estate - the cradle of the Russian Christian student movement and the Evangelical Revival of the early XX century.

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Educational & outreach project "Russian Search of God" presents short documentary "Isaev"

The film features the history of an ordinary man. His ancestors performed feats during the civil war and were victims of repression. He lives during peacetime and finds a place for heroic deeds in his daily life.

Veniamin Nikolaevich Isaev is a missionary, prison minister and the grandson of the legendary Peter Isaev, "Petka", aide-de-camp to Red Army commander Vasily Chapaev.

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Memorial evening dedicated to Vasily Alexandrovich Pashkov

On January 21st, an educational memorial evening dedicated to Vasily Alexandrovich Pashkov, one of the leaders of Saint-Petersburg evangelical movement of the late XIX century, was organized by the project "Russian Search of God".

The event was organized as a part of the IX International Festival of Evangelical Culture "Epiphany Evenings", which is traditionally held at that time during the week in historic churches of St.Petersburg.

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Khachkar - the Tree of Life

"Khachkar - the Tree of Life" is a non-fiction short film about the life of the Armenian highlands. It was filmed in a mountain village at an altitude of 1,200 m in the area of ​​Lori. Strikingly beautiful mountains, meadows and canyons accompany everyday life of the village, located in the area inhabited since the ancient times, which is evidenced by extant ancient tombstones and ruins.

This land can not be conceived except through the prism of its long history. Ancient Armenian poetry and ancient Armenian music sounds in the film, permeating the entire existence of the villagers, as reflected in their faces, in their everyday life...

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