One day in Evangelical Petersburg

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«One day in Evangelical Petersburg»!

One day in Evangelical Petersburg        Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, today it's rarely known that Saint-Petersburg has rich evangelical history that developed in the capital of the Russian Empire for several centuries.

        The "Evangelical Petersburg"  Tour will guide you through the history of the search of God in the capital of the Russian Empire; you will learn about predecessors of the Russian evangelical Christianity, and get acquainted with the brilliant period of St. Petersburg spiritual revival of the late XIX century.

One day in Evangelical Petersburg        During the tour you will be able to visit the most important venues of Evangelical Christian meetings and hear about the people worthy of the memory of the next generations. You will learn about remarkable persons who made a great contribution to the spiritual and moral development of their generation.

evangelskiy peterburg4        After the tour, you will be invited to a lunch in a cozy restaurant in the heart of St. Petersburg. The interior of the restaurant, sounds of live classical music performed by soloists of the St. Petersburg Capella will help you to feel the atmosphere of St.Petersburg’s parlour of the end of XIX century.

        And in the evening you will take part in a sightseeing tour of Venice of the North, immersed in lights, admirably emphasizing its splendor!

One day in Evangelical Petersburg

Note: discount for groups is 10%

The cost includes:

10:45 Meeting near The Savior on Blood Cathedral.

11:00-14:30 «Evangelical Petersburg» Tour.

15:30-16:30 Lunch at the restaurant with live classical music.

16:30-18:00 Sightseeing tour of evening St.Petersburg.

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